Iraqi Elections: December 15th

I have been asked by some of our friends with sons/daughters in Iraq to begin to ask for special prayers regarding the elections in Iraq this coming week……..this is an especially anxious time for those of us with sons/daughters who will be guarding the polls…..

Next week is a pivotal point in Iraq and a point of concern for all military families with someone in Iraq. Their elections are scheduled for December 15th. We are praying for the Iraqi citizens and rejoice with them in their being able to vote. Our troops/soldiers have done a wonderful job these past few months securing the cities and attempting to make them safer for the elections. Now is the time to begin to cover both the citizens of Iraq and the military who are there to protect them. That God would cover them all with His hand of protection and success. Prayers for the success of this election and for the safety of the troops/soldiers helping make this possible are needed now and through the end of this month. Thank you.

Please not only pray for the soldiers, but for the regular citizens who the insurgents are now blowing up on a fairly regular basis. Thank God for their courage in going to the polls anyway.

May God grant Iraq freedom and peace.