Iran trying to throw election

Less than 48 hours before Thursday’s elections, Iraqi border police seized a tanker truck on Tuesday that had just crossed from Iran filled with thousands of forged ballots, an official at Iraq’s Interior Ministry said.

The tanker was seized in the evening by agents with the U.S.-trained border protection force

Star Tribune, orig. from NYTimes

Iran is so not interested in what is happening to its neighbors. It also (as Brad Plumer argues) isn’t really going to DO anything with those nasty little nuclear weapons it is proudly announcing to the world. –Except maybe blow Israel all the way to Europe and scatter it across the skies over France.

Update: Apparently NYT was making it up. Or someone was. I should have realized that since I knew they closed the borders on Monday to limit just such ridiculousness from happening.

I didn’t think it hurt Iraq’s elections, but I can see how it might have, if a. it had been real and b. they had gotten through.