Working Titles

1. Propitiation
Prophet in the Making
The Price of Prophecy

2. Redemption
Prophet Bought and Sold
The Limits to Prophecy

3. Deliverance
Prophet Revealed
The Rewards of Prophecy

I worked on my novel during my travels to Austin this weekend. For fun I came up with multiple titles. I call it “the Prophet series.”

I also decided it should have four books. One is a collection of writings and short stories, the kinds of things that are background and fun. I’ve written about a third of a short story called, “The Slave Who Would Be King” which is about the king six before the king in the series. I’m thinking I should also write some about the princess’ father, but I can’t remember what I was thinking. Oh yeah. “Unexpected View.” About his ride on the hippogriff.

I also thought I could put in the Hallstat story and the Loulan story. If those aren’t in the book already. (I don’t remember.)

I’m really liking “The Slave.”