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I read 135 blogs daily. But I don’t think anyone else would read so many. So I am considering limiting my list that’s up on my website to my personal favorites. Those would be the ones I enjoy the most, which would not necessarily be those with the largest readership or the most universal appeal.

I am thinking about it.

This list would look shorter than the blog bar, obviously. But some of those don’t have RSS feeds and if I don’t keep them up there, I won’t remember to go read them upon occasion. Maybe I should make a new category for those.

Favorites, at this time in my reading, in no particular order:
Joanne Jacobs
Right on the Left Coast It’s an education to read this blog. And it makes me glad I live in Texas.
The Common Room I love this blog. My favorite posts were about being poor. And the HeadMaster’s education. But I still get confused over all the kids, even though I’ve read the profiles. But it’s fun. A wonderful family and a great blog.
Cronaca This was one of the first blogs I ever read and I am always learning about something new on it.
Mirabilis Though it hasn’t been updated for a while, I haven’t given up hope.
Paternosters An amazing blog on rosaries, particularly historical rosaries. I’m not a Catholic and I don’t own a rosary, but my interest in history has often been sparked from this blog.
Reactuate I like his photography stuff especially.
ArmyWifeToddlerMom I love reading about Dash and Pink Ninja. And I’m glad she’s got hubby home for Christmas.
Boudicca’s Voice She has the funniest stories about her boys. Mine are growing up and not that funny anymore. Or maybe I just don’t have her perspective.
Orac Knows (Respectful Insolence) Always interesting stuff, even when I fiercely disagree with his opinion. (And of course when I do, he’s wrong, not me.)
Blackfive A military blogger who keeps me up on military news.
Captain’s Quarters Well-developed entries on several topics.
Euphoric Reality Conservative, promilitary, Houstonian couple. Good stuff.
Junk Yard Blog I’ve got it filed under political, but this blog touches other areas. In depth discussions.
Varifrank I’ve been reading his blog ever since I read this January 10 post on American help and the tsunami.
Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred I especially liked his posts on his father, which are how I got to his blog.
Bloodletting, Doc Russia A Marine goes to med school.
The Cheerful Oncologist Writes lots of interesting things about talks with patients, thinking through things as a doctor.
Happy Catholic She writes well on a myriad of topics.
And I just realized one of my favorite blogs wasn’t in my sidebar listing. The Anchoress

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