A friend of mine died in November of 2003. She was in the hospital for months before she died. But you know, I miss her still. I missed her today when I wrote about my wedding.

I called her husband to tell him hello and tell him I missed her.

I think, maybe, I don’t know, I’m not sure, but maybe people who really loved the person, who were close to the person, who were their spouse or their child or their parent, wonder if people think about their wife or son or mother later on. Would anyone miss my loved one? Or is it just me?

So I called and told him.

I wish I knew Audra’s parents. I know they’re from DFW. But I’m not even sure I remember her last name. But we have pictures from a slumber party in college, before she died, and I wonder if they would be cheered by seeing them. If they would be glad to know that someone remembers her and thinks about her still. She’s been dead 12 years now. And I’ve thought of it at least twice a year ever since.

I finally sent an email to the alumni association at the college. Said I had pictures. But all I remember are her first name, she was born in 1972, and she died in 1993.