Grama De

My husband’s mother’s mother was a sweet, quiet woman whose parents immigrated from Germany. She married a police officer and they had three kids, two girls and a boy.

Grama De worked at Miller’s Cafe, baking rolls and making pies, for years. She was a hard worker and an excellent baker.

Her husband was in a car accident and his back was injured. The doctors operated, unsuccessfully, and he ended up as an invalid. Arthritis took over. He had a bad heart and had some heart attacks. And the medicines kept him from being lucid all the time.

Grama De made $40 a week. That wasn’t enough to pay for his medicines. But the drug store let her run a tab. It was over $1000. Every week she’d go in and pay what she could.

The drug store was owned by gracious folks.

And Grama De never complained about anything.

She died October 24, 1992 while touring the beautiful fall foliage of northeastern Arkansas with her son.