History of Family: Maternal Geneaology

My great-grandmother’s mother’s parents immigrated from Germany.

My great-grandmother’s father’s parents immigrated from Scotland.

My great-grandmother married my great-grandfather who was an immigrant from Scotland. Rumor has it that he was not the father of her child. When he died, neither my great-grandmother nor my grandmother inherited anything from him. He was an opera singer, a Baptist preacher, and an alcoholic. He died when my grandmother was three or four.

My great-grandmother remarried an incredible man who lived into his late 80s and went to work every day up till the day he died.

These are my maternal grandparents.

My maternal paternal grandparents are not as clear.

There I know that my great-grandmother lived in Colorado. She was married to my great-grandfather who went to Brooklyn every year to play professional baseball. This was when you made fifty cents a game. And then he would go back to Colorado, get my great-grandmother pregnant, and leave again. After four ten pound baby boys my great-grandmother had enough of that and told him not to come home. A few years later he died.

He left her some land in Arizona. She went there to check it out, met my Grampa Tommy, married him. They worked the ranch in the Grand Canyon before it was a national site.

My grandfather was a cowboy in the Grand Canyon as a child. Then he grew up, went to Berkeley, played professional football, and married my grandmother.

Though we had at one time some research into my grandfather’s family, we don’t know where it is. So I know my great-grandparents’ names and theirs on the maternal side of my mom, but not any of the paternal side.