Santa Christmas

We never told our sons that Santa was real. We didn’t because of two reasons. One, a friend of my husband’s, when she was young and found out that Santa was a story, asked her parents, “Did you make up Jesus too?” Two, when my sister found out that there was no Santa she screamed and yelled and pitched a fit and basically ruined the Christmas celebration that year. She was 8.

But my son the other day said that he was going to tell his kids about Santa. He said, “Christmas was never magical.” Ouch.

1 thought on “Santa Christmas

  1. My daughters started crying the other day and said they stole Santa from them b/c I told them he wasn’t real! One even said “You don’t care about our feelings!” I told her very quickly that I cared so much about her feelings, that I never wanted her to feel the hurt of learning someone has lied to you for years. She was really quiet, then said “I know you care, mom. . . . But I still wish we could believe in Santa.” Sometimes I just can’t win for losing, lol!

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