Fashionable Elegance

Apparently there’s a charity in Italy that helps women know how to dress. Because that’s the thing most lacking in Italy? I don’t know. I do see some relevance to it. It makes a difference in job opportunities if you know how to dress and have the right outfit. But this isn’t about jobs.

Here’s their list of 10 things a woman needs to be Fashionably Elegant On a Budget.

1. little black dress check
2. stiletto heels check
3. matching handbag check
4. trench coat
5. cashmere pullover
6. light blouse check
7. jeans check
8. white t-shirt
9. pearl necklace check, about three times
10. lip stick check, x10

I think it is fascinating what ten things are needed to make you fasionably elegant. Notice there’s nothing in there about shoes or undies. I think those could make or break an outfit, but they aren’t mentioned.

via Reactuate

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