Chicken Soup for the Soul: Really

On AB’s last deployment to Iraq (btw this deployment in Iraq is over. He is now in Kuwait.), he was sent with a couple of guys to stand guard over a road.

If nothing is happening on a road, I would expect that standing guard is boring.

Plus, this was in Iraq, during the summer. So the temp was 120 or better. They were wearing gear that weighed 60+ pounds. And they were standing in the sun.

While there, they watched a boy on a farm chase chickens. Apparently the chickens were loudly sqwuaking and the kid wasn’t catching them. As comic relief it wasn’t much, but they laughed.

Apparently they laughed pretty loudly because the kid left the chickens and came over.

AB decided he’d be the funny guy.

“Wak, wak!” he said. (Mimicing chicken.) Then he rubbed his tummy and pretended to spoon food into his mouth.

The kid watched for a while and then ran off. He re-entered the yard, chased and caught a chicken, took it in the house. About an hour later the boy’s mom comes out with him and she is carrying a pot of hot chicken soup.

AB said it filled the hollow of an entire leg. He said that it probably wasn’t the best chicken soup he’s ever tasted, but if it wasn’t, he didn’t remember better chicken soup.

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