Running and To Do List

Ran again today, after I took hubby to the airport.

I went:
90 seconds jog then 90 walk
3 minutes jog then 2 minutes walk x5

It took me 23.5 minutes to do my two mile course. So I have shaved 2 minutes off my time. I also wanted to jog/walk at least 25 minutes so I added an additional 3 minute jog which took me from in front of the pool to Bdale and then I walked home, 2.5 minutes. That extra bit is included in the above list.

To do list:
take hubby to airport done
get new wiper blades for both cars done
run done
get my brakes fixed made appointment for tomorrow 7 am
get R’s tires changed done, but I have to go back because they broke the sensor
get dermatology appointments done
take E to Chemistry and Algebra II done
have M do schoolwork
call about receipt for dentistry done
mail off hubby’s CHL renewal done
revise 100 pages of book 1

I’ll be updating as I go along, I guess. But I wanted to write down my run before I forgot.