Dielli Stories

I have written shorts to go with the novels. They’re scrolls, not stories. Maybe that will be a problem. Or maybe I can write the stories later and intersperse the scrolls.

I have Hallstat’s history, the introduction to Wynne.

I have Kalhubanidal, the slave who would be king.

I could take out Uncle Toban’s story from the book, shorten the book by 12 pages, and have that too.

I could, in fact, work on them to improve them all and just have scrolls of Dielli written.

But I want to write the story of Nephil and Meridi’s courtship, the story of Danjom and Wynne’s courtship. Maybe the story of Kawa’s dream, although that will have a sad ending.

My dad wanted a story in there about bandits raiding the city and the family hiding in the cellar. I don’t know that it would work for the storyline, but I could probably write a story with the cellar for history. Maybe a 100 years before or more.

I’m not as good at short stories. They take less time and need to be very tight.

Of course, a book shouldn’t wander all over the place either. I am actually a little concerned that the book wraps up so quickly.