Finished Editing

I finished a read through edit of my novel. There are a couple of things I still want to check/fix.

I noticed, which I hadn’t before, that the action begins on page one, but then it peters out for a while and all you get is milieu and character development.
1-18 has a true dream, the preparation for disaster, the not-disaster.

19-50 Then there’s life, working, introduction of all family members. There are some slow parts in here that I could probably take out. The taking of juice to the guards, etc. Part of that was in there so you’d see she didn’t just exist in a vaccuum.

51- 79 Then there’s worry, storm, lost family, found family, hurt family.

80-117 Then there’s life, working.

117-129 Then there’s backstory, in terms of Uncle T’s story.

130-152 Then there’s the Winter Festival and a baby being born in dangerous circumstances.

153-180 Then there’s life, some moping. History of the region. Discussion of the gods.

181-202 Then there’s another true dream and its aversion.

So, by the screenwriter’s plan, pages 1-202 are all Act One.

203-217 Then the reprecussions from the true dream start happening.

218-244 Then the priests come and steal the main character away. And she has to go to the temple.

244-278 are Dielli adjusting to her new life

278-338 is the introduction of the prophet into the story. Is he going to bring more trouble for Dielli?

339-362 is the build up and climax for the prophet’s part of the story

363-393 was the wrap up of the prophet’s section of the story

394-438 is the last true dream in the book and a family reconciliation

Then 439 is the end of the book, the prophet prophesying and Dielli going home, although it takes till 462 to finish.

There are some parts if 19-50 and 80-117 that I could take out without hurting the story, but it would mess with the development of characters and the milieu. I don’t know, though, the story might go faster if it were winnowed.

But I need to copy this today and send it off tomorrow, so I don’t think I have time to go winnowing today. I guess I will just have to hope that the publishers like it enough to keep reading, even if they think it slows down.