Keeping my promise

on telling you how I am doing on eating…

On Saturday, R’s birthday, we went out to Churrasco’s, the best restaurant still in existence. (Nolan’s in Corpus Christi was, to my mind, just as good.) I knew we were going and I knew I was going to have lots of fried plantain chips. That’s a big part of why it’s my favorite. Also the ham and cheese empanada and the 24-hour marinated steak.

So I didn’t weigh myself yesterday. I knew I would be up, just from salt if nothing else.

But I did weigh today. Since returning home from my in-law’s house for Christmas, I have lost 11.6 pounds. (That would be so much better if I hadn’t gained two or so pounds at their house!)

My husband asked me how far over my “highest I am going to let myself go” I was. Unfortunately, it was a lot. It was 8.6 pounds over what I had seriously committed to and 13.6 pounds over what I said I was going to commit to. So I wasn’t doing too well either way you look at it.

I am now only 2 pounds away from what I said I was committing to.

I weigh a lot more than I did at my lowest, after 103 days at Quick Weight Loss Center. Then I weighed 154, less than I’ve weighed since we left North Carolina 10 years ago. I was on day 31 when I weighed what I weigh now with QWLC.

The good thing about having a blog and being able to review your own personal history is that you are amazed with what you find when you re-read. I didn’t know I had gotten to 159 with Body for Life. I was at my personal high, unpregnant, and lost 45 pounds after 44 weeks. But the last three pounds were muscle, not fat, and I was exhausted.

Before the last month, though, I think I was getting in shape and looking good with BFL. I had lost 27 inches. I haven’t even taken my measurements this time.

The bad thing about having a blog and being able to review your own personal history is that you are amazed with what you find when you re-read. I didn’t know that I was in the 150s in 2004. Could I have gotten to my goal if I had kept trying different things instead of giving up? It’s going to take me a while to get back into the 150s this year. At my present rate, it’ll be… about my birthday before I get there again. And that assumes that I keep up my weight loss of about two pounds a week.

However, I am going to stick with eating well this year. Even if I don’t make my weight and size goal, my body needs to be as healthy as I can make it. I don’t want to be sick like my mother is. (My mom is only 16 years older than I am. And she’s been in the hospital seven or eight times this last year.)

When we were in North Carolina, R’s and my mom were my impetus for losing my weight. R’s mom got Type 11 diabetes. I don’t ever want to go there.

My mom, on the other hand, has Type II diabetes, and horrific allergies, and problems with her thyroid, and blood clots, and a lymph system that doesn’t work, and calcification in her lungs and kidneys, and parts of her brain that are dead, and degenerating vertebrae, and a host of other minor litanies.

I don’t want to be sick at 60. At 60 I want to feel like I can live happily and healthily for another 25 years. (My great-grandmother did. And my grandmother lived well for almost that long.)

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  1. Followed a link from Cerulean Sanctum to here (and have read backwards to here).

    I am impressed with the dedication you are showing. I hope you will forgive me for offering 2 cents. I know it’s kind of rude.

    That you run so much is impressive. I could not do it. Instead, I play tennis. The fact that it is fun makes all the difference for me. If you don’t enjoy running, I would sure look for something you did enjoy.

    So far as diet goes, you ought to take a look at “Nourishing Traditions”. You can find it at Weston A Price’s website. The bottom line is that our bodies work best on the stuff humans were eating X-thousand years ago. Drop the high fructose corn syrup, and add fermented foods, and you can eat more and better – getting better nutrition and health.

    I just was impressed by how hard you are working. My ideas are just that, so ignore them at will, but my congratulations to you.

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