Running and Other Stuff

Required for week 4= 3 minutes jog, 90 seconds walk, 5 minutes jog, 2.5 minutes walk, 3 minutes jog, 90 seconds walk, 5 minutes jog
Done for week 4 yesterday= what was required
Done for week 4 today= required + extra 2.5 walk and 3 minute jog and then the 1.5 minute walk home

Yesterday I forgot my water bottle and I ran hard the first three minutes. Well, as hard as I could. I was totally exhausted from running when I got home, almost sick but not quite.

Other stuff:
Yesterday after running, I got dressed for church, taught Bible class, and went to the auditorium. One of my friends came by and said I looked terrible. I didn’t think so, but I felt terrible. R showed up and said that he couldn’t sit in church for an hour and a half; his back is hurting. E was feeling nauseous and had a fever. So we all went home.

I slept for two hours, after having slept for 8 that night. Then after church that evening, I went to bed, at 8:37. I didn’t get up till 8 this morning. And today I took a nap again. About 45 minutes. I don’t know why I’ve been so tired.

Usually when R is gone on a trip, like he was to MacWorld this week, I don’t sleep much. But this time I was asleep by 10:30 and up at 6:30 or a bit later every day. So it’s not like I was short a lot of sleep. It is true that Friday night I only slept six hours, but then I had an hour nap. So I don’t know what’s been up.