Supper for Church

I am taking supper to church tonight for 12 people. (Well, they said that’s how many will be there. There are usually more than sign up who show up.) So I am fixing beans, an enchilada casserole, and cookies. I bought soda.

Ranch style beans, any maker
Black beans- drained
Garbanzo beans- drained
Corn -drained

Add as many cans of those as you need. Or make your own and add chili sauce to some of them.

Add cayenne pepper and onions to taste. (Usually a teaspoonful and a green onion for each set of cans of beans.)

Because there are normally more people who show up, I did enough for 18 medium helpings.

Cheese enchilada casserole:
Melt two pounds of Velveeta, either with milk and/or green chili enchilada sauce. Afterwards, add a little can of diced green chilis.
Cook one pound of meat with taco flavoring packet. Or use spicy sausage, browned.

Layer these with tortillas.
Cook at 325 for 30 minutes.
This will feed six people who aren’t having this alone as their meal.

And I bought the break and bake cookies. We’ll have two of those per person, if only the 12 show.

I had to have something hot I could feed the folks without actually cooking in the kitchen. So I’ll cook these at home and bring them in.