World News Today (or Yesterday)

Google agrees to censor in China, but not help the US in its attack on child pornography– even though Yahoo and Microsoft (both of whom also censor in China) did help. So much for “don’t be evil.”

Hamas has won the elections in Palestine. (God help us all. If you thought we were at war before, this could easily be the straw.) The positive aspect to this is Hamas won’t be two-faced, saying “sorry” and “yippee.” They’ll just be saying “yippee.” Hopefully that will wake up some other governments and our representatives/senators.

Global warming causes deaths, in cold wave. The Ukraine has lost 181 people to the extreme cold of the last five days.

And the whale that swam up the Thames to London died of dehydration. I don’t understand why they saw it on Friday and it died on Saturday night. Couldn’t something have been done for the whale?