Pastors with Police

In case you read the whole opera post and wondered what the deal was with the police and our pastors, here’s the deal.

They’d run into each other while out shopping and decided to eat dinner at Chili’s. While there their waitress came over and said someone was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot. She was legitimately worried, since she doesn’t get off till midnight.

The pastors sat there for a minute or so more and then in came the girl (a teenager) robbed at gunpoint. She’s one of our youth from church.

They waited with her and when the police came, they went with her to talk to them. (One of our pastors used to be and still does occasionally negotiate hostage situations with the SWAT team.)

The guy came up behind her, stuck a gun in her side, demanded her purse, cell phone, and that she not yell.