More than I wanted to Know

Well, I have a new hint for folks whose kids are taking classes from someone else. Don’t just talk to the teachers. Stop in and look for the gossips.

Today I was dropping E off late so I went in. AQ said that he had been getting in trouble for taking people’s food and insisting that they “trade” with him. She also said that several of the boys who used to sit at the boys’ table now eat outside because they are so grossed out by the fact that E eats with his mouth open.

After that I saw his chemistry teacher who said that he’s creative and he’ll probably find the cure for cancer one day. She said he’s more interested in physics than chemistry; he doesn’t apply himself; he won’t be a student and fit the classroom mold. She said he won’t do the assignment of a study sheet because he considers it cheating…

How do I motivate him? He’s brilliant but he doesn’t care so he doesn’t apply himself.