Good News for my Parents

They aren’t very likely to die within the next four years.

My dad’s risk is 4% and my mom’s is 15%. Of course the test is only 81% accurate, so I might lose them anyway.

But considering my dad is sleeping a lot from exhaustion and my mom is in the hospital for the second time this week, I’m really liking the doctor’s quiz which says they’ll make it.

Even better is the news that my 93 year old Oma, who fell two weeks ago and broke her back and shoulder and went to the hospital with internal bleeding this week, also only has a 15% chance of dying in the next four years. I certainly hope the test is accurate there, but I can see some questions they might should have added. Like, have you been to or been admitted to the hospital this week? More than once? That would shoot my mom and Oma’s test scores down.

Take the quiz here.

Thanks to Internal Medicine Doctor for the push in the right direction.