Running Today

I decided I had to at least go move today. Even though my thighs are hurting from the 5K and I had a headache.

One thing I learned from the timing and seeing how far I was “running” is that I was not running; I was jogging. That was clear during the 5K which took me 43.58 minutes. That’s about 14 minute miles.

So I decided I would try to speed up today. Silly me. I did my first mile in 13 minutes by running 1 min and walking 1 or 2. I started out the first 8 minutes by doing 1/1. Then I went to 1/2. But the second mile, to get me home, I couldn’t do that. So I thought I would run for 20 seconds every minute. Nope. That didn’t work. I couldn’t recover. Instead I ran 20 seconds out of every 2 minutes. The second mile took me 15 minutes.

I am going to speed up. And I am going to run another 5K on March 25. I will hope to do better on that one.