Things to do for the Premier

These hints are all ideas I got from hair and makeup artist Candace Corey’s blog.

1. Body scrub

Any time you have skin showing, it needs to be smooth and glowing. A body scrub is the perfect product to do the trick. Even though it’s my job to keep models looking good I wanted to get something new just for me too. So on my quest to find a new body scrub I came across one by Lise Watier’s.

This Lise Watier SPA sugar body scrub was fantastic! I loved how it buffed away dry skin with a refreshing scent of citrus. The grains are so fine that it polishes your skin without scratching it. It makes the skin smooth as silk and leaves a subtle fragrance

2. Cheek color

To ensure that you don’t create a 1980’s streak on your cheek, take your powder brush (without picking up additional face powder) and blend the edges. This will make your blush fade into the skin, instead of having a long streak of color slaped on your face.

To give a more youthful look, use a coral color through out cheeks and then get a brighter pink and put it only on the apples of the cheeks. Some of my favorite blushes are Stila Convertible color, Victoria Secrets beauty in Mosaic Spice and Mosaic Pink. Those are great colors that mimic your natural color when you blush, yet fresher!

3. Nail polish

The best way to start is with a base coat, not to be confused with a top coat. Base coats are just like makeup primers, they are designed to make the color last longer, fill in nooks and crannies so your polish goes on smooth. Then you put on the color and then the clear top coat. A top coat is designed to seal in the nail color, and protect if from getting chips while making your nail color look shiney and brilliant.

I don’t use nail polish a lot because it always ruins the color of my nails when it comes off. But it turns out that is because, at least according to Candace, that I don’t take it off correctly.

Here’s what she says I should be doing.

1. Saturate your cotton round with nail polish remover. Put enough remover on to get the cotton round wet without causing it to drip.

2. Hold the saturated cotton round on the nail for about 10 to 15 seconds, but DON’T move it around.

3. Then wipe the polish off, moving it away from you in one smooth stroke.

4. Fold the cotton round in half so that you are now working with a clean side and repeat. By using only the clean sides of the cotton rounds, you don’t risk staining your nails and skin with the old polish. Removing your nail polish will now be faster because you are allowing the polish remover to do its job by breaking down the old polish.

Just some thoughts I want to remember.