Women, Men

Air Force Family has a discussion up that is related to my post on “Women, Working, and Urinal Cakes.” Not on Hirschman’s view of what we women should be doing, but on the Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs mag’s discussion of “patriarchy.” She titles her entry “Semantics and Misogyny.” It is well worth a read.

Here is, I think, the seminal paragraph:

So, here’s my question: why is it that my family situation is referred to as “male dominated”? As a feminist (without the y), I have to ask why the main measure of a woman’s contribution to a relationship is how much money she brings home? I do not work outside the home, and I do have quite a few children of my own. I am perfectly capable of working outside the home, however – and have had enough experience that I could support myself quite easily if I had to.

But she has much more to say and she says it well.