The Weekend

This last weekend seemed busy, but I don’t know why.

Friday night we went to return the pink purse I got that was the wrong color. Then we went to a friend’s birthday party. That was exciting. But we left after an hour because R was tired.

Saturday morning R had a shoot. I took the boys to play games. At 2 I picked up M. At 4 I went to check on E, but he wasn’t ready to come home yet. At 5 I went to a dance class- how to strip for your hubby. It was fun, but lots of work. At 7 the class was over and R and the other husbands came to the bar. We stayed and visited an hour and a half. Then we went and picked up E, went home, and I went to bed. It was early, but I was tired.

Sunday was church. I wore my new shoes. Then we went to lunch at Chili’s with friends. I don’t remember much about the rest of the day.

Monday I woke up nauseous and R woke up with a bad back. That wasn’t fun.

R’s back was still bad Tuesday, but I was better. At noon I left the house and went to look for dining room furniture. (Our table and two of the chairs are broken.) I found some good furniture at one store. But then my folks called and suggested they have the table and chairs fixed. Much cheaper for us than new. So we’ll probably do that.

I went to a furniture store around here and asked if they could move our couch upstairs. They said it would probably be next week before they were out on deliveries. I hope they do come by, though. Otherwise, I don’t know how we will get the couch upstairs. I may go back by and see if I can pre-pay and get a specific date from them.

I moved three of the bookshelves that have been in the dining room to the living room. I moved all the furniture in the living room around. I like it much better this way. But let me tell you that three bookshelves worth of books take a lot of moving. Really I moved four, because I had a small one in there that I cleaned out and moved out of the way.

I like the way the living room looks. And I like the extra space in the dining room too. One wall that was covered in bookshelves is now empty. That leaves two walls still covered and one wall that is mostly just a double door. (There is a bit on both sides. I hung a clock on one side and the small bookshelf is temporarily on the other side. But it’s about an inch too wide, so it is sticking out.)

M said he’d like the small bookshelf in his room. So we may take it upstairs later today.

I’m supposed to be getting a lesson in how to put on makeup today. I hope that goes well. But it is noon now, adn she’s not here. She didn’t show on Friday either. I guess it is a good thing we arranged for a makeup artist for the premier. I hope she’s good.

Tomorrow R has a shoot with my niece, nephew, and sister. I hope he gets some good pictures out of that.