The Premier

What premier? The premier of the TV series Best of the Best 2 on Mav TV, not yet available in Houston or Atlanta.

In May of 2005 ten models and ten photographers went to Cancun for what we thought was a workshop with filming and a contest included. Silly us. Look at the title.

Really it was a contest, with filming as a reality TV show, and some workshop thrown in.

It was four days of hard work, hot sun, and stress. R was a new photographer at the time, been at it about half a year. Some of the other photographers have been doing it for 20.

And the premier for the TV show, even though the first two episodes have already been airing wherever Mav TV is available, was yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since R came home in a funk and was down on himself for a month after returning from Cancun, I wasn’t really looking forward to going. But he wanted to go and so we did.

I’ll tell you that it is a guy’s dream, gorgeous women on the beach wearing bikinis or less. It’s perfect for Mav TV.

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