Do you remember?

I wrote someone last week about his daughter who died in 1993. I’ve never met the man and hadn’t ever spoken to him until today. But I loved his daughter and she died.

I wanted to let him know that someone, besides her folks, still thinks of her and misses her. So I’ve been looking for her folks’ address.

Last week I found a helpful hint in an old diary and I got on line and sure enough I found her name in her grandmother’s obituary. Her grandmother died fifteen months ago. But it listed her surviving relatives and so I looked up the family in Weatherford, because I knew she was from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I got an address and a phone number, but I wasn’t going to call the people. Instead I wrote and said that I knew Audra. I told them I had a few bad pictures of her and I wondered if they would like them.

Today her father called me. (I included my phone number.) He asked how I knew Audra and I told him. Then I offered again to send pictures and said I’d send a few things I found I had written about her- little things like she came to dinner and what we ate. So I wrote a two page letter and I pulled out the pictures from the sleepover that we were at together to copy and send.

I remember Audra. It must be hard for her folks. It will be 13 years ago this summer that she died. Her father said they remember every day.