Avoiding Allergy Foods

I am on my second day of trying to totally, one hundred percent, avoid my allergy foods. I know that I have severe allergies to them and that it brings down my quality of living. But I haven’t gotten off them for more than a day or two in about ten years. To make a big difference I have to be off them for quite a while.

My mother’s allergies to the same foods have gotten so bad that her throat closes off if she eats them. Her doctor told her she’d have to go two years without eating them to stop being so allergic. I don’t think she’s gone two weeks yet.

I thought, though that being off them might make me feel better. And I’ve been so wiped out the last week or so that I decided it was worth the effort and pain.

What am I allergic to?


I can’t have potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, any kind of peppers except black pepper, tabasco, ground cherries, pimentos, garden huckleberry, paprika, tobacco, and many medicines. Thankfully I’m not on any medicines except thyroid, birth control (That’s not nightshades, is it?), and vitamins.