Restaurant Foods that aren’t Nightshades

I am working on a list of restaurants and restaurant foods that I can eat without eating nightshades.

Skeeter’s- chicken strips, but no dipping sauce

Italian restaurant- Fettucini Alfredo with chicken

Zio’s, a chain Italian restaurant- Chicken and Cheese Tortellini Alfredo

Chili’s- breaded chicken on Caesar salad,
Note: You can’t get the grilled chicken. It has peppercorns.
Oops! I’m wrong. You can’t get Caesar Salad because it has both Worchestershire sauce and mustard in it. Drats!
Hmm… Very boring hamburger then. I’m not a big mayo fan and I don’t like raw onions or dill pickles.

Chuy’s: sopapilla with refried beans and chicken or fajita meat, but no toppings

Deli: Chicken or tuna salad, as long as they are not made with mustard and you order them without the tomatoes. Also a cheese, turkey, and bacon sandwich, as long as you order it as above. Mayo works on this.

California Pizza Kitchen: Tostado pizza with lime chicken, with the salsa/tomatoes on the side. (I can’t eat them, but R can.)

Fuddrucker’s: Skip the boring burger, since you can’t have the good stuff, and get the Mandarin Orange chicken salad. (Which isn’t on the menu at their website. Maybe the item is only available at our Fuddrucker’s.) If you want a burger, but want it a bit less boring, make it an ostrich or buffalo burger. (Buffalo is better.)

Mexican restaurants: Maybe cheese enchiladas. Refried beans. I like tortillas with refried beans, although they are a bit bland. Add fajita meat, fried onions, and some cheese… So I guess fajitas. But DO NOT get the salsas.

Some fajita recipes call for peppers, or they are used on the plate. I can’t have that. Other fajita recipes use Worchestershire. So I guess for fajitas you would have to ask or find out beforehand by calling and asking. (Ask again once you arrive. Some people will tell you what you want to hear or just won’t ask the right people. But you don’t want to die from someone on the phone’s bad advice. At least let your family know who you need to sue!)

Pizza: The crust, cheese, and any non-nightshade topping. Maybe try a new combo that you haven’t had before so you won’t be expecting it to taste the same as your usual.

To remind you:

Nightshade: Brinjal, Cayenne, Capsicum, Eggplant, Ground Cherry, Banana Pepper, Bell Pepper, Chili Pepper, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Paprika, Pimento, Potato, Tabasco, Thorn Apple, Tobacco, Tomato.

from Calgary Allergy

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