What is Sexual Harassment?

Well, it depends. On if you are a man or a woman. Not because the law is different, but because men are different from women on the issue of what is bothersome. Doubt me?

A survey of 50,000 men and women from all economic and social strata were interviewed and asked to note their level of offense at certain things.

71% of the women were highly offended if the man said they had a great body or said they were probably good in bed.
46% of the women were afraid that those phrases were precursors to a sexual assault.

76% of men were highly flattered and felt better about themselves if a woman said either one of those two things.

Thus, in the last few years, after a thousand years of the law looking for what a “reasonable man” would think and twenty years of what a “reasonable person” would think, for the last few years juries in sexual harassment cases that were filed by women against men (91% of all sexual harassment cases filed fall into this category) were instructed to base their decision on what a “reasonable woman” would think.