I’m an aunt

again. My newest niece, AK, was born last evening.

If her Nanna and Poppi hadn’t come to town, she would have been born at home. But since they did, they were at the house and watching AK’s big brother and sister so AK’s mom and dad could go to the hospital.

Her mother had an interesting trip across town, going 140 mph, and arrived at the hospital a bare 15 minutes before AK popped out.

My BIL M rushed the car into the emergency entrance going the wrong way. Someone told him he couldn’t park that direction as he got out and ran around the car. “My wife is having the baby now! Get help!” Though her doctor was on his way, he did not drive 140 mph and so missed the baby’s birth. Instead the ER doc delivered her.

There was some tearing since, though AK decided to turn and not be breech, she did not go through the canal face down, as most babies do. So S isn’t feeling too great right now.

AK has a full head of curly black hair. But her sister G and her mommy had black hair and lost it quickly. So I’m not really looking for it to hang around.

Unlike her sister G, AK had not done anything like swallow her poop, so she is not in neonatal ICU but is in with all the rest of the babies. Her mom sees her regularly.

I’ll go visit tomorrow. Since the in-laws are here, I’ve been asked not to come today.

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