Crystal Dragon

It’s an excellent book. The second prequel in a series to what are some of my favorite novels. I recommend you read them in the order I did, starting with Agent of Change. Then Carpe Diem. Then Conflict of Honors. (Though it is earlier than AofC and may not be any odder to read in that order.)

After that I think that you could read them in the order of age of the story: Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Local Custom, Scout’s Progress…Plan B, I Dare, Lowport (the least of the books and sometimes painful to read. I have only read it through once. I forgot I had read it and began again. Ouch.)

By Sharon Lee and Steve Miller of Maine.

Lovely books.

But the sadness is that there are no others forthcoming, though there had been talk of a Turtle Book, which I would love to read.

Of course, I would love to read the entire history from Crystal Dragon’s end to Local Custom’s beginning. And I would love to read what happens after that.

The books are a tale. I recommend the tale.