I’ve now had six doctors think I was silly for worrying about the possibility of being pregnant when I have my tubes tied. But they didn’t grow up in my family and they aren’t related to my mother, the original Fertile Mertyl of the universe.

My mother got pregnant on an IUD. My mother got pregnant on the pill. My mother got pregnant with her tubes tied.

So, despite the fact that doctors say it doesn’t happen, I know it does.

And R and I were a little disturbed that the doctor, during the preop, said she wasn’t going to do a pregnancy test. When R asked her why not, she said because I had already had my tubes tied. And on top of that I’m on birth control.

We didn’t say anything to each other at the time, but yesterday we both talked about how we were concerned. In addition, we were concerned that there might actually be a baby and the doctor would tell us after it had been killed.

We can’t really totally 100% know it isn’t going to happen, but I am planning on taking a pregnancy test two days before the surgery. (Not that even that will necessarily convince me. M was conceived, and then over the next three months I failed three pregnancy tests. I passed the fourth one.) We’ll just have to pray.

Pray against pregnancy and for peace of mind.