Making a Knot

You know, “when you get to the end of your rope…”

Today I tried to get E in for the Compass test. K said all we needed was a $29 check. Had that. Arrived. They said he needed to be admitted. Went to get the paperwork. Must have a soc number. So we went home, got that, came back.

Got all approved. Waived the fee. Went to take the test. He must have an ID.

How do I get an ID? I could make a school ID. That would count. Can R do that tonight? Or I can find his birth certificate (if I have it) and his soc card (if I have it) and go to DPS and get an ID for $15, I think. They don’t answer their phones. They just have a recording.

I gave a quiz today. 40 questions. The average on the quiz was 20. That’s 50%. I think they think I’m doing this for fun. What, we’ll have a quiz over the lecture? I just thought the lecture was because you like to talk.

We have a test tomorrow. We’ll see how they do on that.

Grading. Grading. Grading. What was I thinking!?

The reason the whole rope isn’t frayed? The pot roast I am making smells wonderful. I’m reading a good book on King Arthur. And it is a very pretty day.