Stupid Home Associations

We got a letter last month that said we needed to mow and edge. I laughed. The lawn had just been done.

Now we got a certified letter from the place saying that if we didn’t have it edged in 15 days they’d sue.

Excuse me. There’s no edging problem on the house. (Unless they’re talking about the backyard, which they better not be seeing, since they’d have to come onto our property to do that.)

Someone in that group is either stupid or vicious. Or maybe both.

I’m furious and of course there’s no way to call them because it is Saturday.

And if I go in and am exceedingly polite, nothing will happen. And if I yell, I’ll have troubles with the library because these are the same people who do stuff for the library.

I am mad.

Too bad it had to happen today. Stupid people.

I’m Busy

Yes, I know we’re all busy but

it’s finals week and I need to grade,

I’m the head of the library book sale and it is now,

I’m teaching a short course and need to get it prepared,

and I spent the whole livelong day at the doctors.

Not going to be much blogging going on around here.

I’m Suzi

I went on Tuesday to visit my extended family- mom, dad, sister, nieces and nephew. My almost two year old niece, who I have been aging in discussions I have with people and telling them she is almost three, called me “Suzi.” Over and over. Not just once, but several times.

I am important enough to my niece that she knows my name. Yee ha!

My name is one of twenty or so words she says recognizably.


I think that’s a calm word for what it is when the government of the US tells the government of Mexico where people are going to try to keep the laws of the US from being broken.

HOW can OUR government think that it is okay to tell the gov’t of MEXICO where the Minutemen will be?

Is that treason?

Heaven University

I was writing a letter to a friend and told her that I missed school. Then I mused about attending Heaven University.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit in a class on Paradise Lost led by John Milton, with criticism by Adam and Eve?

Or how about discussing Augustine’s The City with Augustine?

Maybe watching a painting demonstration from Michaelangelo…

I can see a need for a lot of time in heaven if we get to do cool things when we get there.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even dye my hair royal blue for a few millenium.


You know, I told her folks in the letter that I heard on E’s bday. But she died on E’s bday. Could the info have gotten from a boat/hospital in Weatherford, to our last home city, to a phone call in NC where we were living that quickly? I guess it could have. Phone trees and all that.

But maybe I heard later and just remember because it was E’s 2nd bday.


Sunday I got a letter. It came on Saturday but we didn’t check the mail.

The letter started off saying how they had checked with my alma mater, and a place I used to work, to make sure I wasn’t a stalker or a crazy person. Wow. I’ve been investigated for possibly being a stalker.

12 years ago a friend of mine died. We weren’t close friends, but we’d known each other for a semester. I remember her every year on E’s bday, because that’s when I found out she died. (Bad news travels fast. That was the day she died. Or maybe they told me she died that day and that’s what I remember. I didn’t write down when I found it out.)

I wanted to write her folks, but we were living in another state. I had two babies to take care of. Lots of excuses that mean I didn’t do it. I didn’t know their address, so I couldn’t have written without doing some investigation.

In recent years, I have wanted to send them pictures. I have some pics we took at a slumber party. They’ve probably never seen them. No, I know they hadn’t. And I thought that I would want to see them if she’d been my daughter.

I looked her up in the online alumni base for our college. No one with her first name was listed.

I couldn’t remember her last name.

Then, about two months ago, I was translating my old journals from WordPerfect to MSWord. And there was a note about her coming to dinner, with her last name included!

I looked her up online. Our college has a scholarship in her name. Her HS has a scholarship in her name. And her grandmother’s obit was on the net.

The obit listed her and two sets of folks who could have been her parents. But I remembered she lived around DFW and I looked up her folks’ names. Nothing. Then I put in just her dad’s name and the city and their address and phone number turned up.

I didn’t want to call someone out of the blue whose daughter had been dead a dozen years. So I wrote them a letter. It was handwritten (Silly me. I should have made a copy.) and two pages long. I mailed it.

Then her dad called, without a number on my phone, while my niece was running away from the beagle and my son was yelling. I thought he was a salesman, so I was short. Then he said he was her dad and I couldn’t talk because I was swallowing tears.

We talked for a few minutes, after I explained that I’d thought he was a solicitor, and he said they would like to have the pictures.

I went and made copies of them at Kinko’s. Then I came home and typed a three page letter, putting in every single thing I could remember about her.

I didn’t hear from them again. It was okay. We weren’t friends or anything. I really just wanted to make sure they got the pics.

Then I got the letter from her mom. It was three pages long, handwritten, on pretty stationery. It told how she had died. I had heard a boating accident, but not the details. I wondered, but I didn’t want to ask. It also told me that her sister and brother are alive. I didn’t remember she had siblings, though I am thrilled she did. I am sure it is never easy to lose a child, but it seems like if you have others to concentrate on, you can’t spend your whole life wishing for the one you lost.

But her brother was in the boat with her. He was “swimming in her blood” after they got hit. She was dead and he, a teenager, was trying to pull her into the boat and get help for her.

He lost his faith in God.

His mother asked me to pray for him. I wish you would too.

Houston and Katrina Folks

Euphoric Reality has a very good post which is a re-organization and shortening by a local journalist.

It talks about what Houston did to take care of the influx of Katrina victims and what Houston is doing now to get those folks taken care of.

I live in Houston and the violent crime increase has been clearly visible.

Also, our church is one of the faith-based groups that helped with housing. We secured, furnished, and paid for ten apartments for ten families from New Orleans. One couple never looked for jobs, ever. They’ve finally gone home to their FEMA paid off house. They have no mortgage. One couple left and didn’t tell us they were leaving. So we continued to pay for the apartment and the utilities they left on. That’s only two out of ten, but we got a much more wealthy bunch to start with because our housing required a car. (We’re too spread out to find a job if you can’t commute.)

I have to admit that my attitude towards the Katrina victims is a lot less favorable than it used to be.

Employment Goals

I like what I do. I’m a stay-at-home mom who homeschools. I am very grateful that my husband, by working a job which is not his favorite, allows me to do that. I also part-time teach at the college and about 8 hours a month I teach a group of homeschoolers. In a few years, when both my boys are in college, I plan to go to work full-time teaching at the college. I like teaching. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I thought they were the most important people in the world and I wanted to be important. And I love school and I love learning… So, teaching it is.

My hubby, on the other hand, often is bored with what he does. His job is secure, but it’s boring. So he started his own software company. It brings in money, every month, even though he isn’t really working on it.

And that’s his dream. To have a job where he doesn’t have to work at it to make money. (I would say isn’t that everyone’s dream, you may have thought it, but I don’t want to do that. I would not like not teaching. I LIKE teaching.)

Along with his software company, he has also started a web-discussion-thingy (sorry, I’m not as computer aware as I should be), started a photography business, and leased a studio. And in the last few days he’s done some odd things with domains.

Lots of things in lots of directions is not me. But I hope he finds what he wants. And that he gets famous doing it.

Reading List

Op For has a list for the military-bound grad. The books sound fascinating. If they’re well written, I would enjoy reading all of them.

Since I’m going to be in bed for the month of June, I need to have books to read.

In the last year, on a blog I read, I found a list of books that I wanted to get around to reading. But I didn’t keep the list. I’m keeping this one.

Weight Loss: Eating Your Vegetables

I’ve been on Quick Weight Loss Center’s diet for four days. I’ve lost 3.6 pounds.

My biggest problem so far has been eating the veggies. You are supposed to have four servings of vegetables daily. The portions are mostly one cup each.

Veggie list:
Bean Sprouts
Egg Plant
Lettuce or endive
Mustard Greens
Spinach or Kale
Turnip sprouts

Veggies that aren’t one cup are:
Celery- 1 lg stalk
Cucumbers 1/2 medium
Green onions 5 small
Peppers 1/2 medium
Tomatoes 1 small

I know that carrots aren’t on there because they have too much sugar. But why aren’t regular onions on there?

How about beans- pinto or garbanzo or black?

I’m doing this for 36 days, until my surgery, and then we’ll see what I do after that.

“Homosexual” is derogatory

So, I read in a post on Clayton Cramer’s blog that the term “homosexual” is derogatory. Hello. What the heck? Same sex. That’s all it means. If “homosexual” is derogatory, wouldn’t that make “heterosexual” derogatory too? It means different sex.

This bit of PC foolishness may explain why one of my students, writing on gay adoption, kept writing “lesbian or gay” instead of “homosexual.” I was annoyed.

And I didn’t realize that “gay” is only male homosexuals, but it must be. Since “lesbian” is only female homosexuals.



When Moussaoui was pronounced guilty, he raved, “America, you lost! I won!”

Argghhh! has the sentencing judge’s remarks. She responded to his comments well.

Unfortunately, France wants him back. Probably so they can put him in jail for a few years and then let him go.

I hope that, despite agreements that say we CAN give him back, that we won’t.