Just in Case

Just in case, since not all things go as planned, I wanted to put down here that…

I have had the best 18 years of my life the last 18 years since I met my husband. (2 weeks from now in 1988.)

I have the best husband on the planet. He is thoughtful, caring, and sexy as all get out.

I have two wonderful and talented boys whom I love dearly. I pray that they will grow up well, love God, and find as much happiness as I have, or even more if that is possible.

I have had dear friends who have loved me and been faithful friends: Angie, Paula, Kim, Amy, Debbie, Nancy, Beverly. (In no particular order.)

If it should turn out that it was my time to go, I had a great life and I’ll be waiting for you all in Heaven. If not, I’ll get to continue the dance.