I had a very long and involved and strange dream last night/this morning.

I dreamed that I was going into a poly-something marriage. There were a man and a woman who I loved who were already involved who invited me to join the “team.” I agreed and was thrilled. But then we couldn’t do that here. We had to go to some alien planet on a spaceship before we could get the three-way marriage going.

In the interim, they were married. And they had child number one, who would have been partially my child, too, if we’d been married, but we weren’t and though I thought we were close, I had nothing to do with raising this child.

Then they had child number two, same thing again.

Finally, we got headed to a different planet than the one we were going to. This one had already been inhabited, after we left, by humans from Earth. We went and hung out and bought food and it was great to be off the space ship. But they only had off brand soda pops and chips, so I couldn’t buy any Dr. Pepper, only weird oranges and purples, and I couldn’t get any Fritos.

Then we got on the ship again and they had child number three, without asking any input on the child’s name or anything. I wanted to name the child Aidan, for some reason. But we decided to dissolve the “engagement” or whatever it was. Then they decided they should name the child Aidan and there was a big to-do over it. They ended up not doing that.

And I caught a “quick flight” back to Austin, where friends had left food out for a party and their baby Siamese kitten was eating all the salsa out of the same bowl the chips were in (You should have seen that kitten ski on those boards.) and the cookies were oatmeal of some kind that got stuck together.

I don’t know what any of that means. I’m happily married, have no desire to leave the planet, but do love Dr. Pepper…

Don’t go all Freudian on me, now. You’re missing additional information, like the motorcycle, the choir singng, and the Arabian hotel…

Wow, that sounds even more Freudian.

I just thought it was interesting how long and involved the dream was. It wasn’t really coherent, but it made sense when I was asleep.

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  1. Heard a dream interpreter say once the thing to remember about dreams is that everyone in a dream is you. Don’t know what that means.

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