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I like memes. Most people don’t tag me because I read a lot more blogs than read me. (That’s okay. I am a prolific reader, even if I do say so myself. Doesn’t make it less so.)

There have been two recently, among my daily read blogs, that I was interested enough in to want to do. I don’t want to make this the 18th blog entry for Flag Day, so I am going to save it and continue editing tomorrow, which is when I will probably actually finish this blog entry.

Drats. I published, rather than saving. Drats.

First, though, Boudicca’s Voice caught my attention because the meme she was answering came from Practical Penumbra. As far as I know, I’ve never read that blog- it wouldn’t come up for me when I tried to access it via the link on B’s- but I just reread all my words of the day and “penumbra” was one of those words. It means, for those of you who have not just refreshed your dicitonary in the search for it, the outer gray area of a sunspot, some other thing, or, the most likely use for anytime you will read it outside a science journal, an inconclusive or unclear area within some specific arena of thought/discussion.

I like it as a word, though I’ve never used it in a sentence and am not sure I could. And I like it as the title of the blog. It was thus that Boudicca’s most recent foray into memedom caught my attention.

5 Things in my refrigerator

A container of delicious homemade pasta e fagouli (sp?) soup made by my husband’s best friend’s mother. (Yes, I should have been a dwarf.)

A box of week old pizza, handtossed cheese and tomato and pineapple pizzas.

A container of Promised Land 2% milk

A key lime pie with one tiny forkful removed after three days in the fridge. (No one here eats Key Lime pie, I am afraid. Can I virtually send it to anyone? Or would Euphoric Reality like to come north and east and pick it up? It’s not related to your flag day post, which was excellent, btw.)

Cut up veggies, brought for the vegetarians in my family, who grazed only as much as they were required to. But I thought I might eat some later, so they stay.

5 things in my closet

A red dress, short with short sleeves, that my husband and my sons bought me about 8 years ago after shopping every single minute the mall was open without complaint or whimper and remains one of my favorite dresses for the story behind it. (Think of it. A six year old and a five year old, in the mall, for nine straight hours! It’s a miracle itself. I could probably sell it on ebay for thousands…. Okay, let’s not get carried away.)

A wild pair of red slippers that my husband purchased because the hospital said I must have crepe or rubber soled shoes and we were already gone from the house.

A beautiful pink and gold Thai -scarf?- that my mother bought me while she was in Thailand with my father several years ago. Then she bought me a dress to match it later.

A red sequined no sleeved top which I’ve worn to a UofH fundraiser and a Goth Ball and Goth Fashion show. (It is so not goth. But it is red.)

A bunch of black clothes, because, despite the items above, black has been my staple, my prime color of choice in the last 20 years of dressing.

5 things in my purse

A package of currants, slithered almonds, and parmesan cheese. Because it was too much effort to take it back to the fridge by myself. (I’ve sat in the chair all day today, 12 hours now. And, yes, I’ve gotten up, but sometimes it’s worth it more than other times.)

$50+ dollars, because my eldest a)came home from camp and returned the unused portion of his spending money and b) had my husband pick up the latest Mario Brothers for the DS and so needed to pay us back. I’m rich! (I can’t go anywhere to spend it with this catheter thing, but I’m rich!)

A small beige baby comb which I occasionally use to tame my recalcitrant sons’ recalcitrant hairs. And which, upon a rare necessity, I use on my own fine hair. I don’t know which son I got the comb with (No, they don’t come equipped at the hospital.), but I dare say it was son number 1 since son 2 came along 14 months later and, except for a bib with his name on it, and an additional set of pink, white, yellow, and blue towels in a different pattern that my mother bought for us for his arrival, I don’t think anyone gave us anything. What could we need, one son so quickly after the other? (Answer: diapers, wipes, formula)

An empty checkbook. We used the last check to pay the hospital.

And a black change purse that looks quite dour in my tweedy, weedy, white purse that I bought when I decided to out myself from black.

5 things in my car

A large, golf size, umbrella

A hot pink umbrella

A small child-size umbrella, red with a doggie face handle

Several maps, but none of the state in which we reside.

A CD of love songs from my wonderfully romantic husband.

And thus we come to the end of Boudicca’s meme. I enjoyed it. Feel free to acquire it yourself, if you would like.

Or not.

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  1. do you mind sending me a recipe for your pasta fagouli? we love this soup and cannot find a good authenic recipe. thank you for your time and help!


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