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Another meme, which I will not post until tomorrow, because I am not going to write it tonight, comes to you from Daring Young Mom. I once asked my boys if I could buy and wear her tee shirt. They said a) I was too old and b) they would be too embarrassed.

But I liked the meme when I read it. It intrigued me. So I thought I would answer it here.

2 things you compliment your husband on in his presence

His brilliance, especially with the Mac.

His sweetness, especially with me.

2 things you compliment your husband on to your friends

His sexiness…

His creativity.

2 traits you married him for

His sense of humor. (He makes me laugh.)

His leadership abilities.

2 days you cherished with your husband

Last night, when he rolled over in his sleep and held me. (Every day is a good day.)

When I woke up on Monday after the surgery and he was sitting there, ready to give me ice at the wave of a finger. (Which is just about all I could manage.)

—Other days were more significant… Our engagement, our wedding, the birth of our children, the day my ovary ruptured and he got everyone in the right place…. But the day to day things like the ones above are what make a good marriage excellent.

2 material things you would give your husband if you just inherited a fortune

The latest and greatest of the wizbang toys Apple has to offer- all of them.

That $10K camera he was talking about a while back.

2 things you would miss if he left for 2 weeks

Snuggles in bed.

Hugs in the kitchen.

2 thoughts that first crossed your mind when you first met your husband

He’s pretty funny.

I wonder if he’ll notice if I untie his shoelaces.

2 favorite dates

When we go to Churrasco’s for dinner.

The day he drove me home to Indiana from Ohio. Which is also the day we got engaged.

2 funny odd things you love

He grinds his teeth when he is asleep. So I’ll reach over and stroke his face and he will stop.

He always has a new project on the burner. Always.

2 places you have lived with your spouse

Research Triangle, NC

West Lafayette, IN

2 favorite vacations

We went to the Appalachian mountains with friends. We hiked, which I love. We did other things too, which I don’t remember as well.

The vacation we DIDN’T take to Florida. We had saved all year for it and the boys said, “Hey, that much money would buy us laptops.” So they got laptops instead.

If you have a special someone you can’t ever say enough about, you’re tagged with this meme. I’ll come read what you have to say if you let me know.

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