Dreaming again

I know what this dream means. (Warning: bodily functions discused)

I dreamed that I went to a restaurant after work, but it was like 9 am in the morning. I fell asleep in their comfortable chairs waiting for a table. I woke up after an hour and there was still no seat yet for me.

I ended up meeting lots of international students, most of whom spoke French in one form or another, and was talking to people from work, who had come over. “I knew there was an international college here (in Houston) but I didn’t realize it really had so many international students in it.”

I’d been waiting for a table for five hours by that time. (What? It must have been the only restaurant left in the world, obviously.)

I decided I would ask to use the bathroom, so I went and asked where it was. After being given a complete tour of the full restaurant, including a total of 200 seatings in the balcony, I was told that they had no restrooms. I told them that had to be against the law. They told me that there was a restroom outside on the mall (a green grass mall, not a store mall). But I was sure I would get lost looking for it, even though it was mid-day and bright and sunshiny.

I met some people again I knew (no one I really know) and was telling them about the bathroom and the number of seats in the balcony.

Then I saw a guy dressed as a girl looking at a particular outfit on sale in one of the coves of the restaurant. When he turned a bit away, I went and picked the ugly denim dress up and wandered off with it.

I went to the other side of the restaurant, where the bathrooms should be and would have been if they hadn’t rented that space to an accountant- which is how they got around the law, and laid the dress over a chair. Someone (another cross dresser) asked me if I was going to buy the dress and I said that I didn’t think so but I was looking at it, really for the black lace addition more than anything else. He crooned out in dismay and I just looked at him like he’d lost it and left. I didn’t let him look at the dress closely.

The dress was ugly. But the lace went like a collar under the neck and down over where the buttons were to the bottom of the skirt. It was clearly well done, although I still hadn’t examined it carefully.

Then I was outside in a cove, still part of the restaurant but in the sunlight and someone was trying to sell me a tattoo or a black horn or something I wasn’t interested in. I thanked the guy, he seemed normal, but when I went back inside I took the dress back to where I had found it, hung it up, and really looked at the lace to see if I wanted to buy it.

The lace was well done. But it was well done in skulls. Which made it abhorrent to me. I don’t do dead things. So I left it on the rack and…. Woke up.

No bathroom in the restaurant= I’m constipated.

200 seats and no eating= I’m afraid to eat because of above.

ugly blue dress = I don’t know

two cross dressers= I don’t know

beautiful lace of skulls (dead men’s faces in the dream)= I am not goth.

co-workers I don’t recognize but lots of them = I have friends that I can count on. Just not in the way I’ve had them before.

So, since I’m not goth, when I got dressed today I put on black everything, except socks. And I don’t feel disgustingly negative or hiding or anything. I feel good. (Well, except for the constipation.)