Bush v. Kelo

I can’t remember where I read it first, but Bush has signed an executive order saying that the federal government can’t take our land and give it to someone else for economic gain. That’s a plus. (I went and read the order. It does in fact say that. It also keeps the government’s ability to take your land for parks and things, but what did you expect?) Too bad we can’t get executive orders for states and local governments.

Remember when California was going to have the best anti-Kelo legislation in the country? They didn’t get it.

Kelo has left many people losing their homes for someone else’s economic profit. I have always been opposed to that. Even before Kelo when folks thought it was wrong and still found ways around the law to do just that.

The Supreme Court was wrong. They’ve been wrong before. They’ll be wrong again. But how many poor people, how many middle class folks, will lose their homes to conglomerates, companies, and the rich, before anyone gets Kelo overturned?

The answer of course is too many. How many ever they are.