Decorating our bedroom

We have lived in this house for six years. I still haven’t bought a bedspread. I’ve had two different ones, including drapes, that my sister gave me. (Her discards are always more than I could have afforded on my own.) But, while they are beautiful, they are not something I would have chosen on my own.

Of course, on my own I probably couldn’t afford drapes, bedskirt, shams, and pillows, as well as the bedspread… But still.

I’ve thought often that I wanted to “do something” with our bedroom. It just doesn’t work.

Part of the reason is the green carpet, which seems very informal, and the red and gold-y drapes, bedspread, etc. The top of the cedar chest is covered in green. And the lamp shades are red. Then the pictures, beautiful things which I did pick out, are orange, blue, and gold. And I picked them despite the gold, not because of it. I love the blues and oranges.

So why do I have a green and red bedroom? (And, no, it doesn’t look much like Christmas.)

We did the floors throughout the house in green carpet. I’m actually sad that we didn’t do our bedroom in wood, but R doesn’t like wooden floors. He is sad we didn’t do the living room in wood. (I say, ouch, all the scratches. Because the wood we chose is a soft wood, not a hard wood, and it scratches like crazy.)

So I was looking on-line at some things, trying to figure out how I could do our bedroom in something close to a reasonably beautiful look, that was sensibly priced.

I found this interesting paragraph.

Choose darker values of color for the floor (ground), medium values of color for the walls (trees and mountains) and light values of color for the ceiling (sky). If you divide your colors by value from dark to light as you decorate “vertically” in the room, you’ll get an interior design that looks good every time.

from HGTV

It’s an interesting thought.