Watching TV

Sometimes even watching true programs, like “Get Color,” can lead one to imagine things that are not true. How much money do those people have to agree to spend?

Just two days ago I was watching several Tivo’ed programs. And the hostess of “Get Color” mentioned that the floors were done in jatoba wood. It’s an exotic hardwood that darkens as it ages. I thought it sounded great. Jatoba apparently is a fancy word for “Brazilian cherry,” which is also beautiful sounding. And at $4-8 a square foot, it ought to be beautiful.

So those people spent, I don’t know, $5000 on their floors alone. And they painted, got accessories, new furniture, new windows… How much do they have to have? I don’t know. But it must be a small to middling fortune. Like maybe two or three years worth of insurance payments.