You should have seen me dance

and strip off my clothes outside.

I went to lunch with my folks and was going out to feed the ants I’d seen on the way back in. But what I didn’t know was that what I saw was only the beginning. I was actually standing in an ant bed while dropping the poison.

I happened to look down at my shoe and saw a bunch of those little boogers running around. I actually started stepping out of my shoe when I felt a bite on the back of my leg.

I went running towards the side yard, screaming, “Turn on the water. Turn on the water.”

And I peeled off my jeans, after ditching my last shoe, and then got my socks off too.

Thankfully I was wearing bicycle shorts under the jeans, to keep my tummy comfortable.

Ants are very bad critters when they get riled. And for some reason standing in their beds and feeding them poison riles them something awful.

My dad said it was great because he got to spray me and I didn’t even complain.