Amazing Love

My church’s email posted that I was dealing with the complications of my hysterectomy. (They hadn’t known originally that there were complications. R had just said the surgery was “more extensive than we had expected but it went well.”) That was Tuesday.

And I started feeling better again. (Should have known why!)

Wednesday evening I was wandering around the house, trying to think of something to fix for supper, when the doorbell rang.

A very sweet lady from church was there with a flowered sack containing all the makings for dinner. She came in with her broken ankle and carried the sack to the kitchen. She explained the procedure, although she’d already typed the recipe and stapled it to the bag, gave me hugs and limped out. Her husband, with an abcessed tooth, was waiting in the car for her. He had driven her over because she can’t drive yet.

I felt like a fraud. I was feeling better and they weren’t in good shape. Yet here they were, serving my family in such a wonderful way.

My husband asked, when he got home and heard the story, if I had asked them when I could bring them dinner. I hadn’t. I’m not that quick.

But that, serving when it’s hard, when it’s not fun, when you are not well, that is amazing love.

This woman is the MIL of Keith (with the brain melanoma) and the grandmother of Lincoln (of the cute pictures) for whom I asked you to pray in this post. The McCord’s family blog with details of the therapy and the baby is here.

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