Overdid it

Yesterday I woke up feeling good. Well, as well as I could for having been in pain in my tummy all night long. (Actually, it was my intestines, but, you know…) So I decided I’d go with R for his shoot. I usually do, though not the last month, obviously.

He needs an errand run and it’s not too hard, so I volunteer to do that on the way to the studio.

It’s not hard. I’m still feeling good. I get to the studio. Still good.

I start fixing Christmas presents for the shoot… Okay, I’m not feeling so great now. But I’m okay. I lay on the couch (great couch, btw, red ultrasuede) and try to nap before the shoot starts. The Make Up Artist (MUA) is taking hours, literally, so there was time.

Then they shoot for an hour. I stay on the couch.

Then another hour and a half making up. I get up some. I stand in place for R to check lights. I trash some tissue paper to make it look like a present was opened. Then I go back and sit down. On a chair this time.

I stay on the chair for two hours.

At the end of that time, I’m exhausted. It’s been 6 hours. I eat pizza. I get in the car, very slowly, and I drive through Taco Bell and Burger King. I get home. I eat with the boys. And I go to bed.

For a two hour nap.

Then I lay in bed for three hours reading.

R comes home. He shows me his pics. Eats. And we go to bed. He’s snoring soon. And I’m asleep by 10:30.

This morning I wake up at my normal time. (7:30ish.) I stay in bed. He gets the boys up and moving for Bible class. I stay in bed. He comes home. I stay in bed. Then it’s time for me to be up and moving. I take a shower, get dressed, eat some breakfast.

We get to church at 10 till 10. And we leave at 11:35. And I’m zonked. I eat leftovers. Lots of leftovers. Almost a thousand calories worth of leftovers. But lots of protein in it. Then I go in to take a nap. I go in at 12:12. And I wake up, roll over, turn off the alarm, go back to sleep… Till 3:21. That’s over a three hour nap.

I was at church for an hour and three quarters and I’m so tired I have to take a three hour nap? No. I think I overdid it yesterday and I’m still catching up.

I’ve got to get better soon. I have a wedding to go to next weekend.