Wedding Clothes

I bought two outfits today. I got an ankle length black dress, sleeveless, with a gathered front on the bodice, and a little flounce at the botoom of a straight-line dress. I like it and I look good in it.

I also got a black skirt, knee length, with a wavy-flounce section at the bottom. It’s kind of flirty. And to go with it I got a teal green knit top with no sleeves and a square scoop front.

Shoes… I got shoes. The only flats I had were sandals with electrical tape to obscure where the puppy chewed them and a pair of red house shoes my hubby bought me at the hospital.

Obviously I’m not going to be wearing heels any time soon. I can barely stand up sometimes.

So I got flat shoes with rhinestones. Very dressy.

I also got flat shoes with sequins. Kind of medium dressy.

And I got flat black leather shoes, made of strips of leather. They’re not dressy. But I can wear them to work. Which is good because that starts next week and I’ll need shoes for that.

So I can wear the skirt, shirt, and sequin shoes for the rehearsal dinner on Friday.

And I can wear the long black with the rhinestone shoes on Saturday.

If I decide that’s too dressy for a wedding in the middle of the day, I’ll have to get a pair of red flats so I can wear my favorite dress. (The one which my husband and sons bought for me after 10 hour of shopping and paid for with the money they had saved to buy a Playstation.)

But I have two dresses ready to go.

And I have a nice dressy just over the knee black dress that I could wear to J’s wedding. (In case I don’t actually make the store again.)

I don’t hurt too badly and I shopped for 4 hours today. So I am MUCH better. (Assuming I’m not dying tomorrow.)