Variety of Independence Day Posts

Gates of Vienna offers a reality check on the 4th, after quoting from the words and giving a bio of the man who wrote “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.” (Love that song. Learned it when I was 10.)

Michelle Malkin quotes from Zell Miller and others and reminds us of the high cost of freedom.

Respectful Insolence, a daily read for me, even though I disagree with some of what he says, talks about the freedom of speech visibly seen outside the White House.

Confederate Yankee quotes and gives us the history and the legend around the Declaration of Independence. It made me cry.

Captain’s Quarters reposts last year’s visit to the Pentagon and the Smithsonian. I didn’t remember the flag there and was heartened to read about it.

Blackfive carries a letter from some Americans to the rest of us. Poignant.

Scheiss Weekly begins with the premise that there are many things wrong with our country. But she doesn’t stop there. Excellent reading, though it is almost (or maybe totally) a rant.