I am thinking about fasting today. But whenever I fast over my weight, I get nauseous. Of course, I’ve been getting nauseous without that. So I am thinking that I should seriously do that.

But I’ve also been noticing how little I’ve read my Bible this last month. (None. Although I did look up a few verses and quote forty or so to myself.) Maybe this is what I need to bring my attention back to God. I’ve been praying, but that’s really only one half of a conversation. And God hasn’t been talking back to me much.

God, is this what I need to do? Spend a day reading and talking to you? I want to say that my weight, while not the most important thing in my life, does impact other things in my life and I don’t want it to keep going up. I want to be as healthy as possible. That means not being fat. And I just went from overweight to obese with those two pounds.

God, help me to be a blessing to my family and not a curse today. Help me to focus on you and not on myself.

I am going to fast for two meals, still having water and lemon juice in my water, and then I will eat supper with my family.

But I am also going to fast from reading blogs and non-Bible books. I will still read the Bible and I can write on my blog, but I’m going to fast from other reading/writing. I don’t think that is what a fast means, but I think it is something that I can use to help me think about God today.