Boy Writing

My 13 year old whipped this out in less than an hour in response to a requirement by the homeschool tutoring/teaching ministry that has been newly instituted. I was amazed. And thrilled.

I have to say that, given only a few sentences, I would describe my relationship with Jesus as follows: Life, like a rushing stream, sweeps by, eager, oh so eager, to push me to the falls, and rocks and poles thrash along the stream. I see fools clinging for life on those rocks and polls and fallen branches, where I know they will only latch to sand and hold to another thing falling, I am not too unnerved, because I see my rock and I hope and pray to grasp it, because on it I see the safe, and the held, the weary and the worn, indeed my rock seems not a rock, but an isle, and not an isle but a nation. My rock is my eldest brother and mentor Yesuah, for he has made for us a rock out of himself, even though he knows how to swim against even so great a tide.

My Abba, who is and who was and who, I pray, always will be the one who guides me in my dark places, gives me knowledge of things beyond human understanding with merely a glimpse in this plain form. I may well weep at the end when I see others judged guilty and sent to their due punishment. (I will make no guarantee of any such thing as I am neither a prophet nor a man gifted with wisdom nor a man so arrogant as to make plan for the coming days.)

A relationship with Jesus is a companionship, in a sense, because it is not meant to be used alone; you cannot do it alone. Companionship means a relationship between individuals that is characterized by assistance, approval, and support. I have already stated how Jesus helps me and as for approval, I approve of him. I am not sure the feeling is always mutual. I talk about what I like and I like Jesus, so I talk about Jesus to show my approval of him. Jesus supports me on a base emotional level; there is not any one time I can point to, but he always supports me. I cannot support Jesus because I am human and therefore cannot support a being that is both infinitely powerful and infinitely wise, though to the extent that support means encouraging I suppose that would mean worship and worship’s purpose is to show God that we are still there and we still care and we are still listening, and I do worship him.

I really consider writing primitive actually, inadequate to describe any relationship, let alone a relationship with Abba and Yesuah (God and Jesus. Abba means Father in Hebrew and Yesuah is the Hebrew original of the Greek word for Jesus’ name. The term “God” seems too impersonal for my taste and I feel bad for botching someone else’s name, especially my eldest brother and mentor).

(Yes, I know that it is usually spelled Yeshua, but it’s his work, so….)

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