Death in Seattle

A Pakistani has killed one and wounded five because he was “upset” about Israel. Those shot were at the Jewish Federation.

This is wrong. It is wrong to kill people because you are mad or upset. And it is wrong to hate people because they are from a different religion or country or background.

American Digest said: “A war that has, as war will, come home at last. Or perhaps, remembering the morning in September when I stood on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights when the Towers fell, a war that is just coming around again.”

Unlike the one he shot and killed, this man will stand trial. He will have a defense attorney appointed for him if he cannot afford one. He will be in a prison where he is given food, lodging, clothing, and education. Yes, his movements will be curtailed. But not as much as the movements of the person he shot. Because he was in the United States when he murdered this person, he will get much more humane treatment than he gave. I am not opposed to that. I just want people to notice.